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Looking After All Your Legal Requirements InSydney

Are you sick of using an unenthusiastic lawyer that just seems to wait around until something happens? At JT Legal Practice, we’ve go to great lengths to impose a variety of proactive conventions that ensure we’re always on the front foot when it comes to criminal and property legal matters. We’re not afraid to make the hard phone calls and if it means that you’re going to get a positive result. Speak with one of our legal professionals today.

Extensive Legal Experience 

When you have a major case coming up in your life, don't you want to know that your lawyer is experienced? With JT Legal Practice you can rest assured that we have the industry know-how to help you navigate the Sydney legal system. We are criminal law and property law experts in every sense of the word, able to convince juries and judges alike.

24-Hour Legal Advice

One aspect that demonstrates our particularly proactive approach to legal services is the fact we provide 24-hour a day advice on all criminal matters and traffic offences for our clients. This way you never feel like you're being left out in the cold and can rely on our team to pull through when you need it most. JT Legal Practice and sound representation is only ever a phone call away!

Efficient And Affordable Service

Are you currently forking out hundreds of dollars an hour to your lawyer only to feel like you’re not seeing results? Why not give our highly experienced criminal and property lawyers a call – they say change is as good as a holiday. We’ll provide an efficient and affordable service with a fixed flat fee of $990 offered. Just pick up the phone and dial our number to find out how you can get better legal representation for less money.

Call us on (02) 9602 8883 or fill in our contact form below to set up an appointment.

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